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Everything about myself

Vavuyios Vasilis - Christos Panagos
OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS is an international based group of architects operating within the fields of architecture, design and development. The office was set in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 2003 and deals with architecture, urban and landscape design.

Today, we have offices in Thessaloniki, Athens, Crete and Dusseldorf, Germany. We provide our clients with a wide variety of architectural services of all kinds and scales.

OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS has been awarded with prizes, distinctions and honorable mentions in a variety of competitions about architecture, urban and landscape design, industrial design, street furniture, public space design small-scale ephemeral structures etc.
This is what keep us fresh and up to date.

We believe in hard work, consistency an talent. In that order..
We design every possible project, regardless size or “importance”, with the same energy and enthusiasm.
We work in teams, despite egos and personal aspirations, as we can see that the whole is bigger than its parts.
We declare ourselves with drawings more than words.
We respect the clients’ wishes and transform the in architecture. When both sides are happy with the outcome, then we have a successful project.
We respect the clients’ budget.
We re respect the projets’ deadlines.
We share knowledge and know-how. We keep no secrets, work with young architects and put together teams of all kinds.
We organize WorkShops to share.
We are open 24/7, we are architects and really happy about it.
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