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Info for creatives / Dream Team

Desall competition

Welcome to our Dream Team!

If you are wondering what it’s all about.. consider it as a way to acknowledge the best talents from, a unique group of creatives from our platform that will get access to new opportunities reserved just for them.

One of these, for example, is the access to by-invitation contests open to a limited number of participants, based on their skills and interests. And this is just the beginning. We’re working on a lot of new perks and opportunities for the future.

Of course, you can be part of the Dream Team as well. All depends on you. For this first start, we have already sent out a few invitations to some of our users based on their reputation and skills. In the course of the year, we will open other calls and will invite some more. And you might get invited too!

In the meanwhile start building your reputation! To begin with, check out our latest contests and submit a new project. Otherwise, you can also comment, vote for a project, create a few inspiration posts and so on. Simply be awesome!

To check out your reputation, login you and you will find it on the left side.

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