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Everything about myself

Edoardo Romagnoli
Lives and works in Milan.
In photography he develops his own expressive search beginning from the late ‘80s and from then he exhibits in solo exhibitions and collectives in Italy and Abroad.
His masters have been Giulio Confalonieri, one of the most significant designers, master of aesthetics and life; John Goodman, photographer, artist and great communicator.
The first photo to the moon dates back to 1988 and represents the beginning of his most known artistic work. His first solo exhibition was in 1991 at “Il Diaframma” of Lanfranco Colombo. The moon is object of an untiring observation; Romagnoli makes it the protagonist of his long experimentations renewing in every release the original charm that ravishes him. The turned work to the moon is in constant development and it intensifies itself during the time as a shut dialogue, never delaying on the gotten results. All photos are realised moving the camera and with no post production interventions.
Wide series are dedicated to architecture and graphic composition: “Duomo of Milano”,“Stazione Centrale”, “NY”, “Palazzo Lombardia”, exposed at the Italian Cultural Institute of Buenos Aires in 2015,”Cantiere Mantegna”, “Torre Velasca 2016”, “Capodanno a Londra”, “Sabbia”, and “Alberi”.
Some works connect to the idea of time: the book “Ulivi”, represents this theme on the basis of a whole year; in the book “999”, text by Roberto Mutti, the trapped time explodes in 15 minutes of roars and flashes to announce the arriving of the new millennium.
In 2005 he tooked part in the collective “I Maestri della Fotografia” at Guggenheim, Venezia.
Other works connect to the idea of movement: the project “Corse” where the artist uses movement to distract the photographic subject and to catch the naturalness; in the work “Alberi”, “Luci d’Artista”, “Duplex”, and others more, the movement is used to achieve a pictorial-metaphysical result.
Big attention and interesting in the search of the expressiveness of the body are evident in the last series “Autoriscatti”, exposed at Ravello Festival – la Follia nell’Arte in 2010, by Achille Bonito Oliva, “Autoscatti”, “Performance”,“Ritratto in scatola” and “Sogni”.
In 2009 the German publishing house Springer published the book “Lune” realizing an extraordinary graphic project studied in 1996 by Giulio Confalonieri for Edoardo Romagnoli’s photos and enriched by the text of the astronomer prof. Piero Bianucci.
In 2011 he took part at Biennale of Alessandria – contemporary videophotography, by Sabrina Raffaghello. In thato occasion he realised the first “Moon Walks”, then presented again during The Others 2013.
In June 2012 the Museum of Contemporary art of Strasbourg acquired two photos of the Moon.
October 2014, publication of “Ogni generazione è ponte”, an historical, artistic and polyphonic book about the generations, published by Chimera Editore, presented the 20th November 2014 at Triennale of Milan.
In July 2015 the MUSINF of Senigallia acquired one photo from the series Autoriscatti.
Since october 2019 a photograph of Torre Velasca has been acquired from Italian embassy of Lisboa.
The leaflet “Pittura e Disegno” ,realized by the graphic designer Silvio Rossi in 2018, combine the work “Fiori” ,matched with the Moon, in four exhibitions during the year.
In 2019 publication of the book “Dalla Terra alla Luna”, text by Roberto Mutti, ed. Unimaginable, Milan.

He works with:, Riccardo Costantini Contemporary - Torino, Sabrina Raffaghello Arte Contemporanea – Milano, Bruno Grossetti Arte Contemporanea – Milano, Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin.

He regularly takes part in National and International Fairs.

People who have written about him: Francesca Belgiojoso, Pietro Bellasi, Piero Bianucci, Virginia Bonicatto, Achille Bonito Oliva, Rossana Bossaglia, Mariateresa Cerretelli, Lanfranco Colombo, Claudio Composti, Denis Curti, Alberto Finotto, Roberta Folatti, Gigliola Foschi, Clare Mahon, Giovanna Mancini, Alberto Mattioli Gianemilio Mazzoleni, Antonio Messina, Marina Mojana, , Roberto Mutti, Lisa Parola, Lello Piazza, Laura Quaglia, Gianluca Ranzi, Maurizio Rebuzzini, Ezio Rotamartir, Chiara Vanzetto.
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