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28 Apr 14

2015 entries




illy launches the illy City Mug casting through, looking for graphical proposals for an exclusive line of mugs by illy dedicated to six world-famous cities: Rome, Milan, Paris, London, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Company description

illy, founded in Trieste in 1933, is the famous Italian brand worldwide appreciated for the high quality and unique velvety taste of its coffee, the reason why it wants to be the only reference in the world in terms of culture and excellence. illy aims to delight people all over the world who value the quality of life by offering the best possible coffee nature can provide, enhancing the perfection of it through the most innovative technologies, and inspiring emotional and intellectual involvement by seeking beauty in everything they do.

In order to offer a complete tasting experience combining taste with aesthetics, illy wants to create a new line of mugs specifically dedicated to the six metropolises selected, that the participants of illy City Mug will interpret by providing as many iconic graphics.

What we are looking for

The graphics illy is seeking will have to be dedicated respectively to Rome, Milan, Paris, London, San Francisco and Hong Kong. The selected proposals will be printed on the surface of the illy Mug, forming an exclusive set to be sold throughout the illy distribution network.
The participants are requested to submit one graphical proposal per city, each submitted as separate upload (viz. one upload for a graphical proposal for Rome, another upload for a graphical proposal for Milan, etc.) on

The participants are requested to upload one or more proposals per city and are thus invited to work on the whole set (6 pieces, one per city).

For the correct realisation of your proposal, please stick to the following guidelines:

Theme: think of original and unpublished graphics that interpret the six metropolises selected by illy. Get into the real atmosphere of the cities and express your creativity on the surface of the mugs with stunning graphics that recall the well known identity of each city.

Style: feel free to adopt the most appropriate style in order to better express the graphical representation of each city, safeguarding the brand image of illy.

Colours: avoid gold or silver colours.

Images: pay attention NOT to employ copyrighted material (images, symbols or icons) and do NOT use graphics that may offend the sensibilities of the people (vulgar images, religious symbols, etc.)

Technology: the graphics will be applied on the porcelain through decalcomania.

Deliverable: participants are requested to work on the Template-for-illy-Mug-graphic attached in the Material files (either in bitmap or vector version) and to attach the graphics as a .zip Archive during the upload process.
For the illustrative images (those published on the contest gallery), please use the “Template-for-Desall-website_960x720px”.

Update : For naming your entry, please follow this format: “City - name of the project”, for example: "Hong Kong – skyline mug"

Revision 1 12 Mar, 14

The graphics for the mugs MUST NOT be based on the graphics used for the contest page (mug shape, pin symbol, etc.), they rather need to be original and unpublished. For the presentation, users are invited to use the "Template-for-Desall-website_960x720px" (other typologies may also be accepted) but are REQUESTED to include the "Template-for-illy-Mug-graphic" in the .zip file attached to their entry ("Archive file"). We remind you to make separate uploads, one per city named "City - Project name" (not one single upload with more city mugs proposals).


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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Desall required files

Minimum 1 image, up to 5.
Recommended dimensions: 960 x 720px (player size) ; allowed format: .jpg , .gif , .png; color mode: RGB;
allowed resolution: 72 dpi ; max file (for each one) size: 1 mb.






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