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06 Dec 22

68 entries




New product design contest on Vileda and Desall invite you to submit concept solutions for a new ironing board with innovative and recognizable features from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Company description

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions is a leading global supplier of branded cleaning systems as well as household and laundry care products whose advanced solutions make the lives of millions of consumers around the world easier. The portfolio includes brands like Vileda®, O’Cedar®, Oates, Gimi®, Gala®, Wettex® and Marigold®. With a leading market position in almost all of the countries in which it operates, the company generated sales of more than 1 Bn. € million and employed more than 3,000 people in 2020. New, effective products and distribution channels, technical innovations and a strong customer focus have been the company’s key success factors for many years. They are supported by extensive market and customer research on an international basis, innovation centres and production plants around the world and a distribution network in more than 35 countries.

FHCS is a leading provider in the laundry care segment, with production located in Monselice, Italy. The product portfolio includes a wide range of indoor dryers, outdoor dryers, ironing boards and ironing covers.

The brief is available in the following languages:
- English
- Italian
Download the Material files

What we are looking for

Vileda is looking for an innovative ironing board concept dedicated to the mass market (non-professional users) characterized by an added value/premium positioning and an ability to to emerge and immediately differentiate itself from competitors.

You’re invited to develop a solution with:

● a modern and distinctive design, without compromising on the user experience;
● new alternative features that will be particularly appreciated by consumers and which will make it a superior product when compared to current market standards (for ironing boards paired with both iron and iron with boiler);
● optimized ergonomics to make the ironing process easy and simple;


For the correct realisation of your proposals, please take into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology
You are invited to design an innovative ironing board to be utilized for ironing clothes and linen exclusively with an iron or steam generator iron (these are the standard ironing methods on the market). The ironing board must be:

● designed to reduce ironing time;
● intuitive and easy to use;
● safe;
● solid/robust;
● easy to store away (compact or resealable, featuring a space-saving mode);
● adjustable in height.

The following will NOT be accepted: solutions for electric ironing boards (heated/ventilated or with integrated boiler), solutions that contain electronics in general).

The product will be distributed through standard channels such as GDO/DIY/Electro but also through e-commerce. For traditional off-line channels, the product must be convincing and distinctive for the consumer starting right from the packaging (self-explaining; there will be no advertising campaign to support the sale of the product). In addition, the product, in its packaged form, must be compact to facilitate distribution.

The product must be aesthetically innovative, with a clean, current and distinctive design. The shapes must be minimal and simple.
For color indications refer to the following Vileda products: Vileda Turbo Smart (mop and bucket), Vileda Infinity Flex (indoor clothesline), Vileda SunRise (outdoor clothesline).

The approximate dimensions of the ironing board, when in use, are 120 × 38 cm with a height that can vary between 75 and 95 cm.
As a guideline, the product should not weigh more than 10 kg.

The structure of the ironing board will be produced in stainless steel, painted iron or aluminum; the use of semi-finished profiles or metal processing by bending is allowed. For some functional and aesthetic parts it is possible to provide plastic parts obtained by injection molding. Wood and composite materials should be avoided.

The new ironing board will target the following types of user:

Busy Families: Families with members between 30 and 39 years old and children up to 11 years old, who have a lot of laundry to iron. They don’t have much time available and, in spite of doing a large number of loads during the week, they try to iron only the most important items.

Diligent Housekeepers: Typically, these are families with members between the ages of 50 and 65 for which doing laundry is not a burdensome chore. They care about their clothes being well ironed and spend time to achieve this result. They pay attention to hygiene and careful management of linen. They iron most of the laundry and enjoy doing it (it’s almost a relaxing activity for them).

Context of use
The ironing board must be designed for domestic indoor use.

The use of the Vileda logo on your proposed project is NOT allowed. You are invited to insert a placeholder logo on visible surfaces of the product. The placeholder logo is available in the material files that can be downloaded from the contest page.

Upload detailed descriptions and a series of images to best present your projects. The images visible in the gallery (maximum 5) must have an aspect ratio of 4:3; accepted file formats: .jpg, .gif or .png; color mode: RGB; maximum single file size: 1MB. During the upload phase of the project, you are invited to upload a .zip archive containing the 3D files and high-resolution images of the proposals via the dedicated field. Maximum size of the .zip file: 100MB

Evaluation criteria
In the evaluation of your submissions the Sponsor will take into account the following criteria:

Functionality/Usability/Ergonomics 5/5
Aesthetics 5/5
Innovation 4/5
Technical feasibility 4/5
Economic sustainability 4/5

English – Desall is an international community, and as such all submitted texts (abstract, description, tags, ecc.) should be written in English.

Contest Timeline
Add the contest to your calendar

Upload phase: 12 May 2022 – 4 August 2022 (1.59 PM UTC)
Concept review: 15 June 2022 (1.59 PM UTC)
Client vote phase: from 4 August 2022
Winner announcement: approximately by the end of November 2022 (updated, previously October)

Concept review (optional)
Designers can apply, by the date indicated above, for a concept review of their projects by the Desall Team. To apply, 1) upload the project(s), including its description, and save as draft (SAVE DRAFT) from the upload page; 2) send your request to the Desall Team via email to or through the contact form. The review is NOT mandatory: it serves only as a further opportunity for the participants but does not constitute a condition for participation, nor does it constitute any advantage in the final evaluation.

Eligibility and submission
Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older. Participants can submit one or more projects, but only the projects published on the website, via the upload page related to this contest will be accepted.

1°: €4000
The selection of the winner by the Sponsor will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency of submitted projects with the presented brief.

Extra Award (option right fee)
For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of €2000 for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.
For more information, please login and read the Contest Agreement from the upload page. For questions about the brief please use the “Have a question” button or write to


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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Desall required files

Minimum 1 image, up to 5.
Recommended dimensions: 960 x 720px (player size) ; allowed format: .jpg , .gif , .png; color mode: RGB;
allowed resolution: 72 dpi ; max file (for each one) size: 1 mb.






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