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13 Jan 14

302 entries




ITALCEMENTI and ALESSI present “#Concrete In Design”, a contest dedicated to all creatives interested in researching and experimenting, to create a new design highlighting the properties of EFFIX, the state of the art mortar developed for the latest needs of a cutting-edge design.

Company description

“#Concrete In Design”, is an initiative sponsored by ITALCEMENTI in collaboration with ALESSI – historical Italian Design Factory – and LPWK Design Studio with the aim of inquiring into the new applications and potentials of EFFIX, the mortar specifically studied and conceived for addressing the decorative and style needs concerning the world of design.

What we are looking for

The client is looking for the decoration of a centrepiece to be created with this innovative material (see specification chart attached in the material files).
The chosen designer will attend a workshop organized by LPWK Design Studio at i.lab, the new ITALCEMENTI research and innovation centre in Bergamo, where the project submitted for the contest will be further studied and fine-tuned in order to introduce a new product, which will be suggested for a future ALESSI collection.

What we need
We are looking for the decoration and/or shape for one centrepiece which will be made with EFFIX. Those who want to focus on graphics only can work on one of the models suggested by Laura Polinoro from LPWK Design Studio, enclosed in the material files; for those who want to send their own ad-hoc model – with attached decoration – it should satisfy the following constraints:
- maximum weight about 3.5kg ;
- minimum thickness 0,5cm .

For the decoration creatives should employ texture, graphics, patterns and other relief or low-relief ornaments, that show off the aesthetic properties of the object and the physical qualities of the material.
The object should be conceived both for being used indoors (domestic use, suitable also for preparing food) and outdoors (in the garden or terrace).

The decoration may cover the whole object, internally and/or externally.
Creatives are invited to study in detail the potentials offered by the material in order to highlight its characteristics (see attached images in the material files).
Please take into account that the mortar can be directly dyed in the mixture and treated to obtain a smooth (formwork finish) or sandblasted surface.

To better present their ideas, creatives may work directly on one of the attached 3D files, applying their own decoration. Besides, they should also append the vector file containing the graphics employed in the project. Should they present a model of their own, they should also provide the respective 3D file. Vector and 3D files should be submitted as a .zip archive through the upload page.

For some examples of concrete applications, please visit the Pinterest board.

Info about the material EFFIX is a ready to use mortar. It contains all pre-mixed powders, sand, fibers and admixtures necessary for its preparation. The fibers used are alkali-resistant glass fibers.
Mixing it with water, you obtain a very fluid off-white mortar.

Fresh mortar density: 2.340 kg/m3
Particle size 0 – 500 μm

Its formulation with fine elements allows obtaining perfectly smooth and uniform surfaces and excellent reproduction of the shape of the molds used.

Further properties of the material:
- suitable for preparing food;
- stain-resistant (thanks to an adequate treatment with protective agents);
- does not stand thermal shock;
- working temperature -20°C / +80°C

Specifications are available in the material files.

The company
ITALCEMENTI is a world leader company in the cement production, with plants and branch offices in more than 22 countries and a history of almost 150 years. Always interested in planning and architecture it has recently decided to enter the world of design, with a state of the art fine and aesthetic material, conceived with the aim of giving designers a new tool to shape their creativity. The long experience gained in this field made ITALCEMENTI one of the greatest cement producer in the world and a benchmark company in materials innovation for the building community.

The chosen designer will attend the exclusive workshop organized by LPWK Design Studio at i.lab, the new ITALCEMENTI research and innovation centre in Bergamo. 
In addition, the designer pledges to be available for the optimization of the project until such date.
Once the workshop is over, if the project developed becomes an ALESSI product, ALESSI itself will manage the contractual relationship with the designer for the provision of royalties.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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