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31 Jan 20

154 entries




New contest on 3M and Desall invite you to design a new furnishing item for indoors or outdoors, that may be assembled exclusively using the 3M adhesive systems in place of the traditional mechanical fixing methods (screws, rivets, soldering, etc.)

Company description

Science is core of all 3M products. Company history starts more than a century ago, as a little a small-scale mining venture in Northern Minnesota, then named Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Now 3M is a global powerhouse and meets most difficult challenges by creating surprising new solutions that improve the daily life of people around the world. We reduce the weight of electrical cables by increasing their power. We help companies consume less by getting more. We automate the health data management to ensure correct information. 3M activates progress, contributing to a genuine global sustainable development by protecting the environment, with social responsibility and for economic progress. We apply our science to have a real impact on every person’s life, all over the world. From industry to safety and people care, from transportation to the energy management 3M is at the side of each person and company and never stops surprising with continuous innovations.

What we are looking for

The brief is available in the following languages:
- Italian
- English

Start creating your inspiration wall using the Inspiration tab and get inspired by the hints of other creatives!

3M relies on the international community of designers to explore new projects based on the exclusive use of the 3M adhesive systems for their assembly, in place of the traditional mechanical fixing methods (screws, rivets, soldering, etc.). They are looking for innovative and creative solutions able to maintain an actual feasibility trait.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep in consideration the following guidelines:

1. The project will have to include the product details that you will consider both in descriptive and visual (technical drawings) terms, highlighting the innovation brought about by the assembly made through 3M adhesive systems compared to the traditional methods. The correct sizing and use of the adhesive in your design will be fundamental for the selection of the winner.

2. You can choose among various product typologies, inside the following markets:
- Lighting (lamps, for indoors, for outdoors, etc.)
- Furnishing (chairs, tables, wardrobes, etc.)
- Homeware & Interiors (objects for indoor decoration, furnishing accessories, etc.)

3M has a very wide and complete range of adhesives. For a better focus we have decided to select these 3 macro sets to employ for your projects realisation:

- VHB TAPES: 3M™ VHB Tapes are acrylic foam adhesives characterized by a very high conformability. 3M VHB Tapes open up a world of possibilities — eliminating rivets, screws, bolts and welds — and improving design construction, aesthetics and productivity. With unmatched strength, these tapes increase the overall durability and reliability of every product bond. 3M VHB Tapes resist hot, cold and cycling temperatures, UV light, moisture and solvents. They seal against environmental conditions and damp vibration to reduce metallic wear-and-tear.

- DUAL LOCK: 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners combine a good mechanical seal with the possibility of being repositionable and re-closable. 3M Dual Lock and 3M Hook & Loop guarantees maximum design freedom and greater comfort during maintenance, repair and replacement.

- STRUCTURAL ADHESIVES: The structural adhesives guarantee high adhesion and durability performance. The wide range includes adhesives resistant to high temperatures, solvents and external atmospheric agents that need a correct preparation of the substrates, but even easier use adhesives with a greater tolerance to the presence of contaminants on the surfaces to be assembled.

To a correct selection and use of the various adhesives, 3M has prepared some demo videos/tutorials, some brochures and some technical sheets that you can download from this official 3M page:

Materials: you are free to propose the materials that are more in line with the product typology you propose. Each adhesive has a different performance depending on the underlayer. Accordingly, we suggest you to attentively go through the material mentioned above.

Project presentation: you are invited to present your projects in detail, showing some views of the final product, preferably including some technical drawings, providing an explanation of the innovation related to the use of the 3M adhesive system and the correct sizing of the adhesives. We remind you that you may present one or more projects, to submit separately from the upload page. In order to send additional materials (3D files, technical drawings, extra views, other in-depth materials, etc.) you may attach a .ZIP archive directly from the upload page.

Evaluation criteria: in the evaluation of your submissions 3M will take into account the following criteria:
- Product innovation, originality and creativity (5/5)
- Correct use of 3M adhesives (4/5)
- Technical feasibility (4/5)
- Aesthetics (3/5)
- Project presentation (3/5)

Contest timeline
Add the contest to your calendar

Upload phase: 25th July 2019 – 25th November 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)
Community Vote * : 25th November 2019 – 9th December 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)
Client Vote: from 25th November 2019
Winner announcement: approximately before the end of January 2020

* The contest gallery will remain private for the whole duration of the upload phase and will be made public from November 25th, 2019 to enable the vote of the community.

Optional deadlines
Concept revision: 26th August 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)

Concept revision: deadline for requiring an optional revision of your project by the Desall team. In order to request a revision, upload your project, include the description project and save it as draft (SAVE DRAFT) from the upload page and send your request to the Desall Team via e-mail or through the contact form. The revision is NOT mandatory: it serves only as a further opportunity for the participants but does not constitute a condition for participation, nor does it constitute any advantage in the final evaluation.

Eligibility and submission
Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older. Participants can present one or more projects, but only the projects published on the web site, via the upload page related to “3M for Design” will be accepted.

1°: €5000
The selection of the winner by 3M will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

Option right
For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 1,500.00= (one-thousand-five-hundred/00) for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

For more info, please login and read the Contest Agreement from the upload page. For questions about the brief please use the “Have a question” button or write to We invite you to download the PDF of the brief for some extra guidelines and advices for your submission.

The 3M trademark is exclusive property of the 3M Company.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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Recommended dimensions: 960 x 720px (player size) ; allowed format: .jpg , .gif , .png; color mode: RGB;
allowed resolution: 72 dpi ; max file (for each one) size: 1 mb.

Brief document (.pdf) Material files (.zip)





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