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Hi-Interiors is an Italian scale up committed to transform the design industry by accelerating the Internet of Furniture. In our payoff – Design connects life - lays our DNA: we blend design with technology to connect life with the aim to transform the places we live, work and play. In fact, we spend 90% of our time in indoor spaces, of which the furniture is always a characterizing element, having a very important impact on the quality of our life. Unlike other product categories, furniture remains largely inanimate. We are first movers in the creation of smart furniture. We envision indoor spaces that respond to our physiological and psychological needs, 
with a connected health system to support our living environments to keep us well. So, we are working to change the space around us, regardless if we are at home, in the office or in a hotel, into our next and ultimate smart device to anticipate and serve our needs. The average person spends a third of his/her entire lifetime in bed. Yet, while we surround ourselves with the latest tech devices, the humble bed has refused to keep up with changing times. Until now... We’re innovating the furniture industry starting by reinventing the bed experience due to the importance of sleep. With the launch of our first flagship products - the smart beds HiCan and HiBed - we have created an intimate and connected space, a personal cocoon where you can relax and rest on your own terms, changing the paradigm of use of the furniture itself.
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