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We are Eurospin, the largest italian discount group. Over 10 million customers have already chosen us and many others discover, every day, the uniqueness of our proposal. After more than 28 Years we now have 1,200 stores employing more than 15,000 employees developing a turnover that in 2019 accounted to over 7 billion Euros.
Eurospin was established in 1993 from the idea of four Italian Entrepreneurs, who meant to give an all-Italian response to the growing customers' demand for savings. Eurospin is the Italian version of the Discount-Store: our property is 100% Italian and the stores satisfy the needs of a typical Italian family, the assortment is built on the daily needs of the Italian gastronomic habits.
Eurospin's challenge is summed up in the name of the brand itself: "SP" means Shopping and "IN" stands for smart.
Smart shopping is the ability to ensure quality products at the lowest price every day. All Brands are Eurospin Private Labels: as a matter of fact Eurospin remains to this day the only chain in Italy, probably in Europe, not to have top food brands in their assortment of packaged products.
This allows customers to access a quality assortment at unbeatable prices, as most investments are focused on maintaining the value for money. We are passionate about sourcing locally where possible, and many of our products are sourced from Italian suppliers.
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