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Ferrero presents itself to consumers every day as a synonym for: home, family and being together.
This image wants to be revived through a project of a space designed to welcome, relax, inform, enjoy a quick snack with friends.
The interior space tries to get noticed on its outside as if it were looking for attention.
Its casing is not flat, changes in finish, transparency and color; let us glimpse what the inside offers and what happens.
The interior materials are: eco-wood for flooring; treated wood for wall furnishings and wall coverings; faux leather upholstery sofas; copper worked for lighting bodies. The colors are inspired by the wrappers of Ferrero products. The furnishings are unique handmade pieces, adaptable in size and quantity to different spaces.
In these relaxation areas, to foster communication, information and training, multimedia accessories are integrated with interactive touch-sreen screens (interactive touch-screen, multimedia totem, interactive floor for entertainment and games). There is also a bulletin board. blackboard to be used with erasable pens.
The external-internal envelope is characterized by: walls in corrugated metal with copper finish; fixtures equipped with transparent and colored windows. Particular is the side wall in masonry usable as a wall-climbing equipped with grips and security system.

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